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caroline thanh huong


samedi 7 janvier 2017

10 Thực Phẩm Xấu bán tại Mỹ, Canda và còn đâu nữa, từ đâu đến,chứa gì?

Trên thế giới hiện nay, có rất dồi dào thực phẩm bày bán, giá tiền lại rất rẻ và người ta tự hỏi như vậy mình có cần đổ mồ hôi cày xới, tốn thì giờ, tiền bạc để trồng rau, trái tại vườn nhà nữa hay 0?

Bên cạnh những thực phẩm rẻ mà rất bắt mắt đó, thỉnh thoảng chúng ta cũng thấy những món BIO, trông nhỏ, xấu, đắt tiền mà tại sao chúng lại bán đắt thế?

Thưa, đó là công lao dân nhà nông chân chính đấy.

Những thức ăn này không bị xịt thuốc hoá học cho mau lớn, không bị bẻ sớm khi chưa chín, không bị ngâm thuốc cho đổi màu, hay không bị ngâm chất hoá học cho ngọt, cho giữ được lâu.

Chúng ta có quyền mua và tiêu dùng thực phẩm bằng đồng tiền mồ hôi, nước mắt thì chúng ta cũng có quyền biết chúng ta mua gì và ăn gì, tác hại của nó ra sao.

Tôi tìm được vidéo này trên net, gửi quý anh chị coi cho biết.

Nó là một phóng sự cho người Mỹ và Canada, nhưng cũng có thể xảy ra ở bất cứ nơi nào trên thế giới.

Chúng ta không là người bán hàng thì chúng ta không thể biết được nguồn gốc thực phẩm sau khi chúng được vào bao, vào hộp và làm tại đâu hay nhập từ nơi nào.

Rất may là có những người dám nói lên sự thật.

Cám ơn quý vị này và xin cầu chúc cho quý anh chị luôn được khỏe mạnh.

Caroline Thanh Hương
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10 Foods Made in China You Must Avoid (Filled with Plastic, Pesticides and Cancer Causing Chemicals)

 photo 1_1.jpg
It has become a well-known fact that much of the food found in America is imported from China. Why would one need to buy food from China when we have so much farmland in America? It all has to do with the price, food from China is cheaper, but it comes at a cost.

Below is a list of 10 foods from China we all should avoid!

1. Tilapia Fish

 photo Tilapia_zilli_Kineret-e1447645456643.jpg
Wikipedia 80% of tilapia in America comes from China. The fish are bottom feeders and will eat almost anything. With water pollution, the way it is in China, eating anything raised in that water would be unsafe to say the least. Plus, who knows what the fish are being fed. There is, also, one study that states tilapia is less healthy than bacon.

2. Cod Fish

 photo 1_1.jpg
50% of American Cod comes from China. Yet again this is a water pollution and feeding issue. There are few restrictions in China for these types of exports.

3. Apple Juice

 photo fruit-424179_1280-e14476455132061.jpg
About 50% of all apple juice sold in the US comes from China. China has been known to use harmful pesticides on their food. Even pesticides that have been banned by their own government. Making apple juice at home from local organic apples is the best method.

4. Processed Mushrooms

 photo mushroom-372044_1280-e14476455397351.jpg
34% of all processed mushrooms come from China. Just as we saw with apples, one does not know what the mushrooms are grown in and exactly how healthy they are. Just to be on the safe side, buy mushrooms local or from trusted American-based or Canadian-based farms.

5. Chinese Garlic

 photo pepper-175570_1280-e14476456623451.jpg
31% of garlic sold in America comes from China. Like with other grown foods, the pesticides involved in the process (mainly methyl bromide) are just not safe and should be avoided. You can find out how to spot Chinese garlic here.

6. Chicken

 photo chicken-1001751_1280-e14476455936511.jpg
In 2013, the US Department of Agriculture approved the sale of chicken from China in the United States. As with fish (mentioned above) this is a pollution and feeding issue. China is commonly plagued with avian flu and other foodborne illnesses.

7. Plastic Rice

 photo nasi-966383_1280-e14476456306321.jpg
There are reports that China is now sending over rice that isn’t really rice. When cooked, it stays hard. The rice may actually be made of potato and resin. Essentially, plastic rice is on the market, and this may give the GMO grain companies a run for their money.

8. Black Pepper Mud

 photo pepper-175570_1280-e14476456623451.jpg
One vendor in China was caught selling mud as black pepper. Although this seems like a local issue, one must always verify quality.

9. Industrial Salt

 photo salt-374552_1280-e14476456941601.jpg
Salt produced for industrial purposes is finding its way onto the tables of China. Therefore, any salt from China in America may also contain industrial salt. Consuming this salt may contribute to high blood pressure, hypertension, and the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Trái cây không tự nhiên xanh, xanh, đỏ, đỏ mà... par crth2837 

10. Green Peas

 photo vegetables-852990_1280-e14476457336901.jpg
Fake green peas have been found in China. These fake peas were created with snow peas, soy beans, along with green dye and sodium metabisulfite (a chemical that is used as the bleach and as a preservative). This dye is banned from using on produce because it may cause cancer, as well as inhibit the body’s natural ability to absorb calcium. These green peas also didn’t soften when boiled and the water turned an unnatural green color.

và đây là những gì trên FB viết commentaires, mời quý anh chị đọc thêm và suy ngẫm.

Traduit de : Anglais
Pourquoi se limiter avec seulement 10 aliments provenant de la Chine ?
Pourquoi ne pas simplement cesser d'acheter tout et n'importe quoi fabriqué en Chine ?
Voir l’original

Peony Cai
Peony Cai The person who made this video must really hate china and really fucking dumb and racist. My family in China eats that shit for the whole entire life. Not one single member has any health issues. My grandparents are 80 and they have more energy than so...Voir plusVoir la traduction
Nina Ruan
Nina Ruan 😂 Tony as much as I give China shit for their Knock-off skills, this video is moronic and some of these comments are, too. Tilapia isn't a bottom feeder in American waters, apparently 😂 and we don't use pesticides here *ahemMonsantoahem* or none of our American food companies are own by chemical companies 😂 bitch, please.Voir la traduction
Nita Ho
Nita Ho What a load of rubbish! Comments above saying everything from China should be avoided and is bad?? Stop using your PCs and Apple Macs/iPhones! They all made in China! Oh and while you're at it, just stop buying any food in supermarkets because you have no idea where they from, stupid businesses can say they come from any country!Voir la traduction
Liza Phun
Traduit de : Anglais
Si les produits de la Chine sont si mauvais et nocifs, pourquoi l'Amérique est-elle toujours en mesure de le faire passer ? On dirait que nous les américains sont les plus gourmands au lieu de ça. C'est l'offre et la demande.Voir l’original
Khoa Tran Because, there are international trades rules saying you can't discriminate a country's supplies. Unless, it doesnt meet the standards of the country it's supplying. Also, someone is probably being paid to "pass" the products.Voir la traduction
Avis Hee
James Judilla
James Judilla Blame the WTO (World Trade Organization) for accepting china. Western buyers speak with their wallets or handbags. They buy cheap stuffs along with the cheap quality. US companies are greedy they want to maximize profits with cheap labor.Voir la traduction
Jishnu Rajendran
Jishnu Rajendran Boycott Chinese products.its all poisonous artificial poor quality stuffs
Even food and toys.😡
Voir la traduction
Derek Xiao
Flora Aronson
Troy Graham
Traduit de : Anglais
Offre et demandeVoir l’original
Vanessa Marshall
Shakur Forbes
Shakur Forbes Because they don't care that they will end up on the plates of poor people anyways so why not make a buck off of garbageVoir la traduction
Eileen Butler
Eileen Butler Just found out cheerios is high in glycol a carcinogen, Round up is a carcinogen and Manas to genetically altered our food(Soy,corn ect) to accept this deadly spray. It kills weeds and bugs and people!!Voir la traduction
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen Before asking question(s), please read more, do your research on many aspects involving trades, economics, politics of the two countries. I am sure you will find out a lot more answers my friend. Problems persist does not mean they don't exist.Voir la traduction
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen By the way, this is happening all over the globe not just in the United States alone. Don't be a hypocrite and ignore or disregard the issues just because your root maybe Chinese. I'm sure this post isn't to offend Chinese people but to point out the p...Voir plusVoir la traduction
Joyce Harrison Ferrara
David Grimm
David Grimm Wake up! It's not just China people. America poisons our own food and other products with chemicals. Look at all the different chemicals that has been deemed unsafe and banned in other countries yet our American government says hey its okay for our peo...Voir plusVoir la traduction
Xiong Mao
Xiong Mao Some Chinese products are poor quality, OK. But many American products are worst. America poison all the world with McDo, KFC and other junk food.
Also, you don't know salt is always bad for blood pressure, not only Chinese salt.
Only propaganda movie for suckers.
Voir la traduction
Julie-Anne Vo
Julie-Anne Vo Lisa Nguyen Jonathan Liang the part that ticked me off was the salt part... "avoid Chinese salt because it gives you high blood pressure" bloody salt overalls increases the chances of hypertension 😡Voir la traduction
Nathan Tran
Nathan Tran Why dont the government ban all import goods from China? Let them bring their poisonous products over and flood the market with it then warn us not to buy them? They wanted the tax money from imports so they let everything come in and then warn the people not to buy, two faced, lolVoir la traduction
Vic Aguilar
Vic Aguilar And what about America?? Oh yea, all us Americans are fuckin victims. Connect American to this problem (if all is true). America and Americans...... I'm embarrassed to be American sometimes. But yea, lets all look at China as an evil and as the bad guy..... Fuckin Americans....Voir la traduction
Angela Wright
Angela Wright Seems more like an anti China campaign than an anti Chinese food campaign. No evidence to back up claims. Looks like a high school kid has made the video. Actually they would probably have done a better job.Voir la traduction
Nicole Kelly
Nicole Kelly This was created by someone trying to make "America great again" 😂😂😂 all salt puts you at risk for hypertension, plastic rice that stays hard? who eats hard rice?🤔 so they're gonna to spend money on a more expensive harder to get snow pea to spend ...Voir plusVoir la traduction
Hugo Hannah
Hugo Hannah Please for the safety of you, your family and everyone that you know. Stop eating or buying any products made in "Jyna" China. When you guys consumed these made in China products, you're poisoning yourselves without knowing it. Oh, China got smarter an...Voir plusVoir la traduction
王樂偉 hahahaha Made in USA's KFC & Mcdonald is the most health food in the World!!
a branch of fat ass eating junk food everyday but shoking made in China..
so just reject anything from China and keep eating your french fried.
Voir la traduction
Nelson Ho
Nelson Ho Those are some of the groceries listed.But many of you dumb fucks think boycotting anything China made will keep yourself and your countries economy safe. China controls 90% of the minerals that run everything electronics. From batteries, neon lights, ...Voir plusVoir la traduction
Wanyi Tong
Wanyi Tong It's so sad to read some of these comments up here. some of the comments are not even relevant to the topic of this post. I have to admit I don't approve all things that are Made in China, but the truth is my life is a bit easier financially because something are Made in China. Please respect, stop judging and jump to conclusions, that's God's job.Voir la traduction
Chris Guno
Chris Guno This is just that is true why asian people not only China are still strong,long life and they still a live until now and who is having a lot of body problem and whos is number one in the hospital,America?IDK?Voir la traduction
Michael Lair
Michael Lair I've been trying to avoid anything from China ( except my iPhones )
We can not trust them with our food or appliances
We need higher standards for what is allowed to come here
Voir la traduction
Dwayne Morgan
Dwayne Morgan I've completely stopped buying things from China and there American connection New York like completely, even on amazon and eBay etc I'm sure people buy things from them and sell it to me but for the most part I'm done. Even Chinese foods all togetherVoir la traduction
Tony Truong
Tony Truong I don't agree or disagree with Chinese products... But if Americans are so afraid to eat imports than Americans should home grown or pay hard working Americans farmers for there products. We should stop diverting our selfish greed to get rich to third world country produces. Well that's my two cents!Voir la traduction
Richard Boom Boom Tan
Richard Boom Boom Tan Who ever made this is fucking racist go buy ur shit in America.... who told the Americans to buy in China??? No one put a gun to ur heads and said go buy in China.. why not the American pay the money they owe to china which in billions of dollars...Voir la traduction
Ca Nguyen
Ca Nguyen While this is all alarming and shit, am I the only person who think the price of polymers such as plastic far out weight the price of rice? White plastic cost even more to produce. I'm skeptical when I see articles like this.Voir la traduction
Ferina Albano
Ferina Albano If this is real, this is a reflection of the ineffectivity of the department of agriculture or trade and industry of America for not overlookig on these things!? 50% of apple juices in America are from China!? Eff the statistics of this video. This is ...Voir plusVoir la traduction
Allison Bolt
Allison Bolt Just done eat nothing... just blocked foods from China 🇨🇳I don't even eat there foods at there restaurants.. the things that they cook for us.. they don't eat it themselves.. stay away.. fucking 😷 there killing us and our babies 👶Voir la traduction
Ly Sinclair
Ly Sinclair I bought 2 packages of squids . The label said wild caught , turn out the squids were plastic.
Those mother F....... have no moral at all . They lie to consumers to make money .
Voir la traduction
Tom Walker
Tom Walker I don't buy any food from China, human or pet. When pets are dying from food from China and baby formula is found to contain fillers that are toxic, I am done with their products.Voir la traduction
Joanne Moreau
Joanne Moreau I was told by a Chinese girl to never eat anything made in China because the government doesn't follow health codes and doesn't even care about their own people.Voir la traduction
Hamid Sajjad
Hamid Sajjad In my knowledge China have strict regulations about anything to USA exports...China always supply on customers demand...Asian demand middle quality so that type of product export....USA demands high quality specified items then China will go strictly according to that.Voir la traduction
Sarah Yap
Sarah Yap Propaganda video to spread anti-china sentiment in a way that regular people can relate.

America will be the first country that try to be great again by putting down others and making enemies Lol! ...Voir plus
Voir la traduction
Original K Kera
Original K Kera Avoid all imports from China if possible they are selling 'plastic rice and vegetables ' .It is a damn shame where are the morals how can you create things like that for human consumption that is pure wickedness!😠Voir la traduction
Mohammad Nazmudduza
Mohammad Nazmudduza Not only China any one can cheat you. It is better to establish an universal testing and quality assirance procedure under the aegis of WTO and other international agencies. Blaming any specific country is an ignorant style, not befitting to be a global leader.Voir la traduction
James Walsh
James Walsh Poisonous garbage! Nobody in their right mind would eat anything grown in China, just shows what the us government thinks of its own citizens!Voir la traduction
Sha'Kaira Gulley
Sha'Kaira Gulley Emily Ezell wtf? If they are fake then why they are still here in USA? Just threw them away so we will don't buy from China products!Voir la traduction
Jason De Mesa Montalvo
Jason De Mesa Montalvo racist comments coming.. but seriously,if china wants to import things. it should be "goods".. why cant the government stop the deals with china if they're not exporting legit stuffs.. there are lots of countries in the world..Voir la traduction
Ernie Garcia
Ernie Garcia Wow, another reason to beware of stuff from China!! Great, it's like you can't even find anything n Home Depot, or Lowes that is made n America. Everything says, "made n China"💩💩Voir la traduction
Dennis Morrow
Dennis Morrow The foods to avoid from China is a mixture of truth and opinion.....what is truthfully indicated is that we should always verify the food source, including any anomalities in its production & processing....curiousity is your friend...Voir la traduction
William Chow
William Chow China black hearted product, alot of people misunderstood, china can make world class goods, and world worst product, from Asus, iphone xiao mi to fake rice, poison milk and chemical apple juice. Know the price, if its too cheap don buyVoir la traduction
Candice Renee Gulyas
Candice Renee Gulyas This is global mentality the Obama Administration, everyone gets their fair share of poison. Except the elites who eat organic. What a pathetic world we have become.Voir la traduction
Jhun Allan Falucho
Jhun Allan Falucho you cant sto buying from china if you do china will pullout all its investment in america and the 19.8 trillion debt of us on china should be payed immediately lol poor america😂😂😂😂Voir la traduction
Diane Trujillo
Diane Trujillo How about we avoid ALL FOOD FROM CHINA INCLUDING PET FOOD! There is absolutely no reason what so ever to buy produce, seafood, canned goods or pet food from outside of the US! Shop local or you take the risk of illness or even death, as we have seen in the past with contaminated dog food from China.Voir la traduction
Nara Gunsen
Nara Gunsen America? Come on !!! America doesn't need to buy any food from most dangerous country like China! Just need to stop. Land of America is huge enough to feed from own land! Hate hate China!Voir la traduction
Vanessa Sampson
Vanessa Sampson -.- our imports are regulated people if you ever get any kind of food, I don't care what country's sticker's on it, that isn't actually food or isn't what it says it is you've got a bigger problem than some cracker jack making cardboard rice. Someone's...Voir plusVoir la traduction
Isha Garg
Isha Garg USA and some of the countries are known for their product quality because of strict quality check and import policies. When the whole world knows about this, government for sure must be aware of this too then why do not they stop importing such product...Voir plusVoir la traduction
Peter Krumbein
Peter Krumbein With the new anti science administration pollution is not a problem, Monsanto has also produced enough chemicals that have been used in food, and while business was good there was no problem importing from China. Today the rethoric is to buy clean and ...Voir plusVoir la traduction
Lena Moore
Lena Moore I'm knew this was full of it. And the proof? Someone inform the creator of this video, or the editor, that high blood pressure...IS hypertension. Why were they listed as two separate things. Smh...stupidity is real.

Otherwise, yeah Tilapia are botto...Voir plus
Voir la traduction
Nigel Cumberbatch
Nigel Cumberbatch ooh ok I had to admit this is kinda weak...most of this stuff can be found all over the world not exclusively from China...the fake rice but he stopped short if saying people..which is ultimately his prejudiceVoir la traduction
Rosa Silva
Rosa Silva This video is not accurate lots of food comes from China butt you just have to be careful not to buy it most cod fish comes from the northern countries like Canada Norway Exedra you just have to be careful and make sure it does not say Product of China...Voir plusVoir la traduction
Peter-Jan Prinsloo
Peter-Jan Prinsloo What a load of crap. None of your points are actually properly substantiated bar that the product comes from China. It appears to be a propaganda piece more than anything else. The US uses as much pesticides etc as China.So the argument should go for ALL food.Voir la traduction
Gabriel Sugatan
Gabriel Sugatan This is called economic warfare. America should stop importing products from China. But America can't...they still need much cheaper products...and China has it they can't stop buying imported products from China. Now America uses propaganda to divert the choices of American consumers.Voir la traduction
Adrienne Murray
Adrienne Murray We shouldn't be getting anything from China, all they're stuff is either fake or very poor quality. Different countries have different standards of inspection. We ban one they change it to something else toxic.Voir la traduction

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